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The provocative and glamour ads for YSL’s Opium, a fragrance created in the 1970s, have a history of causing controversy.

Nobody ever forget that Yves Saint Laurent Opium advert with naked model Sophie Dahl!

Yves Saint Laurent did not “disappoint” us this time either!
Now the YSL Belle D’Opium television commercial is banned from the British screens by the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority .

According to the institution ‘Belle’ played by French actress Melanie Thierry simulates drug use when she dances, which is unacceptable to broadcast says ASA.

The ASA commented: “We were concerned that in the context of the ad, Belle running her finger down her inner arm could be seen to simulate the injection of opiates into the body. We were also concerned that following that scene, Belle was shown moving in a series of short, rapid scenes, before the ad concluded with her body seizing upwards while lying on the floor, an action we considered could be seen to simulate the effect of drugs on the body.”

Finally, a voice-over stated: ‘I am your addiction, I am Belle D’Opium. The new fragrance by Yves St Laurent.’

The choreographer of this advert – was British choreographer – Akram Khan, who developed the moves and who also worked with Kylie Minogue and has an MBE for his services to dance.

Both Mr. Khan and YSL denied explicit drug references and offered a series of cryptic and flowery explanations for the style and moves depicted.

Well, of course, with 730 complaints from the Opium perfume with Sophie Dahl is still by far one of the most controversial commercials that is against YSL Belle D’Opium advert that received 13 official complaints. But fact remains the fact.

Having watched this advert one can understand the magnetic beauty of this advert which attracts the attention. And the mystical dancing sensually embraces the name of the fragrance.

One also understands that YSL has received by far much more international attention (and for free) to its latest advert due to this ban, then it would have been able to achieve otherwise.
Mission accomplished!

And what do you think?
If you are intrigued, you may watch this advert by the link below
Belle d’Opium ad:

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