How to take correct Snapshots

How to take  correct Snapshots

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What are snapshots (Polaroids)?

Snapshots are a number of pictures taken for the purpose of demonstration of model’s physical appearance, rather than professional skill of a photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist or promotion of any products or services.

On these Snapshots the model “advertises” herself: by demonstrating her skin, hair, teeth, unique facial features and figure.

What are the Snapshots for?

These materials are required to be submitted to us in order for a girl to become a Figaro model. These materials are also important for further representation of the model for international partners and clients for the purpose of assigning of the photoshoots and catwalks to the model.

Is it possible to take the Snapshots yourself?

Actually, it is preferable to take these snapshots by yourself, apart from the pictures of Beauty snapshots, where a model is required to demonstrate her ability to advertise a certain beauty product.

Such particular photographs are needed to be done by a photographer in a studio where the lighting will be positioned the same way as it would have been positioned during the original advert shooting. The makeup and hair should be professionally done.

In all other cases, the model should be able to take the Snapshots with the help of her friends or relatives.

What is the best place to take the Snapshots?

Any room in your house/apartment can be ok for taking the snapshots.

The most important thing is that particular room should be very well lit with the day light. Preferably the room should not be less than 6 meters in length and 1.5- to 2 meters in width.

Please pay attention to the surrounding wall colouring of the room you choose to make the snaps. If there is a lot of bright colour then your skin colour on the snapshots will probably end up looking unnatural.

The ideal surrounding colours are white, cream, ivory, beige or any other neutral colour. It is important to prepare the room in advance, removing all unnecessary objects.

If you have got a small apartment and you do not have an opportunity to make the snaps at home, it is also possible to make the snaps outside in the courtyard or on the roof.

Please bear in mind, on these snapshots you’re firstly demonstrating yourself and not the objects around you. Nobody will pay attention at the paintings or furniture around you but it is still preferable that you remove all objects that may attract the attention away from you in the picture.

What about lighting for the Snapshot?

The lighting for such snaps must be natural. Please do not use the lighting from lamps or flashes (except for a Polaroid camera flash)

The best source of the lighting is the day light from the window. The ideal time for the shoots is early in the morning or in the afternoon.

During a bright sunny day, when the sun is strong, you may also use white curtains in order to get a dispersed light. In all other cases it is required to keep the windows and curtains open.

It would be ideal if your room is long with a window where while shooting you can stand by it. Such light will light your face very well, however if your room is long and narrow and you would have to stand with your side to the window, then the light from the window will light only one half of your face, leaving the other half in shadow.

In order to light the whole face, it is important to place the reflector at the opposite side from the window. You may make it yourself by using the hoop covered with the white sheet or you may use the white polystyrene foam or a large sheet of white paper.

During the shots it is required to stand as close as possible to the window

If you are planning to do your snapshots outside then the same timing should be applied. It has to be done early in the morning or in the afternoon, to avoid the direct bright sunlight on your face. It is also a good idea to take the photographs during a cloudy day.

What are the requirements for Snap pictures?

You do not have to use a professional camera in order to take good SNAPs. However you would need an amateur digital camera. If you do not have one, you can always borrow one from your friends for a couple of hours.

Before the shooting, remember to switch off the flash on the camera.

What about make up for the SNAPs?

The most important rule is minimal makeup. If you have got an ideal good looking skin, we would advise not to use any make up at all, however if you do have dark circle under the eyes or spots, you can cover it up with the concealer. Brush your eyebrows and put just a bit of mascara on your eyelashes..

What about hair style?

Very important – your hair must be clean. You can take a few portraits with hair up and a few, with hair down.

What’s best to wear for Snapshots?

When you are taking Snaps the main idea is to show the best parts of your body. It is advised to take the pictures in a bikini; however quite tight clothes also can be worn, such as skinny jeans, bodyshirts or tight long shirts.

Please keep in mind that a bikini should look like a bikini, and not like shorts, as shorts can sometimes visually “shorten” the length of your legs.

Wearing the heels for the snap shots may also help to increase your legs length, however, plain stilettos or court shoes are recommended.

It is not recommended to wear any chunky jewellery for the snap pictures.

Required poses and emotions for Snapshots.

Emotions and face angles:

– Standing straight (relaxed look/ confident look / cute look /cute smile without showing the teeth/ wide open smile with teeth)

– Profile (relaxed look /smile with teeth)

Poses: showing full length of the body

– Full length, standing straight, facing camera

– Full length sideways

– Full length from the back

Please try looking confident during the shooting and show as many emotions as possible.

What is the best angle to take the Snaps?

If you do not want your legs to look shorter or your nose look bulky, it is important to remember a few rules when your take the snaps. Meaning, you need to know the right angle.

Please follow the below schemes

Is it necessary to hide scars, moles or tattoos on the snaps?

If you have got scars, a tattoo or big moles on your body it is important to show them on these snaps, this way you will avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Do I have to retouch the snaps?

You should not in any way try to retouch the pictures. If you are actually selected because of those retouched pictures, in the end when you arrive for a photoshoot the client will definitely spot the difference between the girl on the picture and the girl in reality. Then your job can simply be cancelled, and you may end up paying the imposed cancellation fee for the photographer service and for the rent of the studio.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of the photos needed for Snaps?

During the shooting you can take up to 200 or more pictures, however, you would have to keep only the best -10-15 shots. The minimum quantity of the pictures- is the best 10 pictures taken according to the rules given in the chapter “Poses and emotions on snap pictures””

What is required min and max size of the Snapshots?

Before sending the Snaps by email, please make sure that the pictures are resized to a min of 50 to 100 KB.

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